4 January 2014

fiesta, fiesta... and more fiesta

We all know the Spanish love a fiesta. At the start of December we all had about a week off to celebrate Spanishness, Virgins and the like, then there was Christmas, then New Year and now the one all children, young and old, are most looking forward to, Reyes - Kings' Day.

Whereas in the UK in January we might be exhausted from a month of Christmas drinks, office parties and family gatherings followed by New Year, the Spanish are gearing themselves up for yet another shopping frenzy, processions, cake and partying. The Coca-Cola red-clad Santa figure never really took off in Spain and so traditionally it is the day of the Three Kings in January that brings ridiculous amounts of present giving and receiving. Admittedly, it might be more about iPads and Bob Esponja nowadays rather than gold and smelly incense, but the Spanish know how to party.

A traditional delight at any Kings' Day meal is of course a "roscón". The bready cake is like a huge ring, more often than not carefully sliced open and then stuffed with as much whipped cream and other sweet sickly things as you can manage. Maybe Spanish New Year's resolutions start on 7th January.

So while the British in Britain are battling with yet more floods and deciding what to cut out their diets for a month, the British in Spain are enjoying the sun and leaning back with a San Miguel on their blotted festive bellies, the Spanish are busy worrying themselves with "have I got enough cake in". But then that's it, it really is January. But fear not, Spring is just around the corner and surely there's a Festival of Spring somewhere.

¡ Feliz Año Nuevo !

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